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AlertBot® Website & Server Monitoring (

AlertBot Website & Server MonitoringOur AlertBot service allows businesses to continuously monitor the availability and performance of their public Internet services from around the country and around the world. When AlertBot detects a problem with a business' websites or servers, the AlertBot service analyzes the problem within seconds from multiple geographic locations and delivers real-time alerts to the business' system administrators via devices like cell phones and pagers. This allows administrators to fix issues quickly and deliver the uptime and performance their companies expect and their customers demand. To learn more about AlertBot, visit

ELayersm Web Transaction Monitoring (

ELayer Website Monitoring & Web Transaction MonitoringOur ELayer service provides enterprise class businesses with a full line of managed website monitoring services specializing in web transaction monitoring. These services are used to track and measure the performance and reliability of a business’s online web applications on an ongoing basis. ELayer’s advanced platform employs TrueBrowser(sm) technology to measure business’s real user experience using authentic web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. ELayer’s Proactive Advantage goes even further by employing a staff who analyzes the website’s performance every business day. This allows businesses to protect their website assets such as revenue-generating web pages, login areas, and customer applications and deliver the user experience they expect. To learn more about ELayer, visit

UptimeSafesm Certification Services (

UptimeSafe Certification ServicesOur UptimeSafe product is a service that certifies the uptime of online service providers and serves as a symbol of trust and reliability among buyers. Service providers who subscribe to our service are tested by us around the clock and must meet our stringent uptime standards to be awarded and retain UptimeSafe certification. Certified service providers benefit from UptimeSafe by being able to display our UptimeSafe Seal on their websites and thereby effectively marketing their service reliability to perspective customers. From an IT buyer's perspective, UptimeSafe allows buyers to easily indentify reliable service providers and buy with confidence. To learn more about UptimeSafe, visit